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The Danger of Self Help

The Danger of Self Help How Dangerous Can Self Help Be? For seven years, I holed up in bookstores and read almost everything on the shelves of self help and personal development. I read everything from holy books, sacred texts, and ancient manuscripts to business books, entrepreneurship, and leadership how-tos. …

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A Gift From The Holy Spirit

A Gift From The Holy Spirit When I was in my twenties, I left Europe and moved to New Zealand. When I travel I don’t fit in easily and no matter where I am, I want to go home after a short while. But with New Zealand I felt differently. …

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You Are God’s Treasure

You Are God’s Treasure “Do you remember the story of the prodigal son?” asked my grandfather and put down the book he was reading. “The son of a very rich, generous, and loving father had left home and for many years he squandered his part of the father’s fortune on …

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